Top 10 Famous Interior Designers in India

Top 10 Famous Interior Designers in India

India boasts a rich and diverse interior design industry, with talented professionals who have made significant contributions to the field. This list highlights the top 10 famous interior designers in India, focusing on creating helpful, reliable, people-first content.

1. Sussanne Khan

  • Known For: Contemporary and luxurious designs.
  • Notable Projects: Charcoal Project, residential projects for celebrities.

2. Gauri Khan

  • Known For: Glamorous and sophisticated designs.
  • Notable Projects: Design Cell, residential projects for Bollywood celebrities.

3. Twinkle Khanna

  • Known For: Elegant and timeless designs.
  • Notable Projects: The White Window, residential and commercial projects.

4. Ashiesh Shah

  • Known For: Modern and eclectic designs.
  • Notable Projects: Residential projects, collaborations with leading brands.

5. Lipika Sud

  • Known For: Sustainable and innovative designs.
  • Notable Projects: Lipika Sud Interiors, residential and hospitality projects.

6. Shabnam Gupta

  • Known For: Bohemian and artistic designs.
  • Notable Projects: The Orange Lane, residential and commercial projects.

7. Vikram Goyal

  • Known For: Classic and luxurious designs.
  • Notable Projects: VGLiving, high-end residential and hospitality projects.

8. Ambrish Arora

  • Known For: Contemporary and minimalist designs.
  • Notable Projects: Studio Lotus, award-winning residential and commercial projects.

9. Raseel Gujral Ansal

  • Known For: Bold and colorful designs.
  • Notable Projects: Casa Paradox, luxury residential and hospitality projects.

10. Richa Bahl

  • Known For: Elegant and functional designs.
  • Notable Projects: Casa Design, residential and commercial projects.
Conclusion: Celebrating Indian Interior Design Talent

These top 10 interior designers in India have left a significant mark on the industry with their unique styles and innovative designs. Whether you’re looking for contemporary elegance or timeless sophistication, these designers are sure to inspire and impress with their work.

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Q1: Who are some famous interior designers in India known for their contemporary designs?

A1: Sussanne Khan, Ashiesh Shah, and Shabnam Gupta are known for their contemporary and modern designs.

Q2: Which interior designer in India is known for sustainable and innovative designs?

A2: Lipika Sud is known for her sustainable and innovative approach to interior design.

Q3: Who are some interior designers in India known for their luxury and high-end designs?

A3: Gauri Khan, Vikram Goyal, and Raseel Gujral Ansal are known for their luxury and high-end interior designs.

Q4: What type of designs is Twinkle Khanna known for?

A4: Twinkle Khanna is known for her elegant and timeless interior designs.

Q5: Which interior designer in India is known for bold and colorful designs?

A5: Raseel Gujral Ansal is known for her bold and colorful interior designs.

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