B.Voc Interior Design Goals, Vision and Mission of INIFD Chennai Institute

University HighLights

1. Industry-Anchored Programmes: From concept, to structure, to delivery, we have shared engagement with our industry partners and mentors to multiply the learning journey of the students. This close engagement facilitates the ecosystem to nullify the academia-workspace gap.

2. Competency-based Curriculum & Framework: To make students’ learning measurable and visible beyond marks/grades, the curriculum in active participation of industry experts is aligned to the recent competencies required in a specific sector and packaged into qualification benchmarks. It helps in tracking the programme outcome periodically with improved accuracy.

3. Practice-Driven Pedagogy & Learning in 4D: A minimum of 50% of the curriculum is delivered through practice and application-driven pedagogy brings confidence and understanding. Learning is done in 4 dimensions: On-Campus, Online, On-Site, On-the-Job, bringing diversity to the experiences and keeping the engagement happening and dynamic.

4. Degree with Work Experience (On-Job-Learning/Apprenticeship): Substantial learning at work at the workspace/industry under professional mentors during the programme adds to the confidence and performance in terms of domain and life skills. Actively working with an industry partner as an apprentice for a longer duration brings the edge of having work experience during the degree.

5. Real World Skills & Intelligence: Living with actual diversity of the real world in terms of engagement, experience and expectation add to the upgradation of social skills and intelligence for a seamless migration to the real world.

6. Assured Employability: Having rightfully skilled in all aspects and being Industry ready with work experience makes it more rewarding for the industry to absorb better career flight.

7. World Skills Competitions – Being the Skill Star: Candidates with good performance in respective domain skills will be shortlisted and groomed to represent India at World Skills Competition (Skills Olym-pic).

8. Skill Certifications: The skill quotient of the candidates is also verified by the industry and certified skill assessors through certifications from NSDC.

Association With INIFD

Founded in 1995, the Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), with a legacy of 28 glorious years, has emerged as the World’s Largest Network of Design Institutes having centres all across India and abroad. INIFD has established and strengthened its global presence with more than six lakh graduates and 25,000 students passing out every year.

Medhavi Skill University has joined hands with INIFD to offer premium programs in the primary design fields of Fashion Design and Interior Design. The list of programs are mentioned under the Heading “Programmes and Specializations Offered”

Program Outcomes

This B.Voc. Interior Design in Chennai has been created to equip students with the skills and knowledge required by a professional interior designer to undertake work for all levels of complexities. The course is project-led and practical-oriented which is supported by lectures, workshops, market visits and live presentations to familiarize the students with the Interior Design profession.

After completing this Bachelor’s Program of vocational studies in Interior Design, the student would have acquired relevant appropriate and adequate technical knowledge together with the professional skills and competencies in the field of Interior design so that he/she is properly equipped to take up gainful employment in this Vocation.

• Knowledge and understanding of the basics of design and their application in the field of interior design.

• Technical know how to communicate their design and ideas through various types of drawings and graphics.

• Skills and competence in:

Choosing the appropriate materials and services for an interior design project.

• Designing the interiors of all kinds of spaces as per the client’s requirements.

• Preparing estimates and work schedules for executing design projects.

• Designing landscapes for interior and exterior spaces.

• A Healthy and Professional Attitude so that he/she has:

• Effective communication skills


• Ability to work effectively in a team

• An orientation towards entrepreneurship

• Respect for honesty, punctuality and truthfulness

•Ability to plan and organise work to achieve desired results and meet deadlines

• An awareness about own motivations, strengths and areas of improvement

* An awareness of the importance of self-development and lifelong learning

•Basic digital skills to work in an office

• Basic financial understanding and skills to handle personal finance and work in a business environment

• Adequate life skills to live a productive life:

Ability to work with computers and smartphones in an efficient and safe manner

* An enhanced perspective concerning the world, environment and sustainability

• An appreciation for one’s role and responsibilities towards the country and society

B.Voc Interior Design Semester Subjects of INIFD Chennai
B.Voc Interior Design Semester Subjects of INIFD Chennai
B.Voc Interior Design Semester Subjects of INIFD Chennai


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in B.Voc Interior Design

1. What is B.Voc in Interior Design?

B.Voc in Interior Design refers to a Bachelor of Vocation program in Interior Design. It is an undergraduate program that focuses on providing students with practical skills and knowledge in the field of interior design. This program aims to equip students with the necessary expertise to create aesthetically appealing and functional interior spaces.

Key information:

  • B.Voc in Interior Design is a Bachelor of Vocation program.
  • It emphasizes practical skills and knowledge in interior design.
  • The program aims to create aesthetically appealing and functional interior spaces.
  1. What are the career prospects after completing B.Voc in Interior Design?

After completing B.Voc in Interior Design, graduates can explore various exciting career opportunities in the field. Some of the career prospects include:

  • Interior Designer: Graduates can work as interior designers, creating designs for residential, commercial, or hospitality spaces. They are responsible for conceptualizing and executing design plans, selecting materials, and coordinating with clients and contractors.
  • Set Designer: Graduates can pursue a career as set designers for theater, film, television, or events. They are involved in creating and designing sets that complement the story or theme of the production.
  • Retail Space Planner: Graduates can work as retail space planners, designing store layouts and displays to optimize customer flow and enhance the shopping experience.

Key information:

  • Career prospects include interior designer, set designer, and retail space planner.
  • Interior designers are responsible for conceptualizing and executing design plans.
  • Set designers create and design sets for theater, film, or television.
  1. What skills are developed during the B.Voc in Interior Design program?

During the B.Voc in Interior Design program, students acquire a range of skills that are essential for a successful career in the field. Some of the key skills developed include:

  • Design Skills: Students learn how to conceptualize and create interior design plans, considering factors such as space utilization, color schemes, and lighting.
  • Technical Skills: The program equips students with knowledge of design software, drafting techniques, and construction materials. They learn how to use industry-standard tools and technologies.
  • Communication and Presentation Skills: Students develop effective communication and presentation skills, which are crucial for interacting with clients, explaining design concepts, and collaborating with other professionals.

Key information:

  • Skills developed include design skills, technical skills, and communication skills.
  • Students learn how to conceptualize and create interior design plans.
  • The program focuses on developing communication and presentation skills.
  1. How long does it take to complete B.Voc in Interior Design?

The duration of the B.Voc in Interior Design program varies depending on the educational institution and the specific curriculum. Typically, it takes three years to complete a full-time undergraduate program. However, the duration may vary if the program offers options for part-time study or accelerated programs.

Key information:

  • The standard duration of B.Voc in Interior Design is three years.
  • Part-time study or accelerated programs may alter the duration.
  • Check with specific educational institutions for accurate program durations.
  1. Can I pursue B.Voc in Interior Design without prior design experience?

Yes, B.Voc in Interior Design is suitable for individuals without prior design experience. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in interior design, covering both theoretical and practical aspects. It caters to students from diverse educational backgrounds who have a passion for interior design.

Key information:

  • B.Voc in Interior Design is suitable for individuals without prior design experience.
  • The program provides a comprehensive foundation in interior design.
  • It is open to students from diverse educational backgrounds.

Overall, B.Voc in Interior Design offers a specialized education that equips students with practical skills, knowledge, and opportunities to pursue a successful career in interior design. Through this program, students develop essential skills, gain industry-relevant knowledge, and open doors to various employment opportunities in the field.

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