M.Voc Fashion Design in Chennai

M.Voc Fashion Design Goals, Vision and Mission of INIFD Chennai Institute

Association With INIFD

Founded in 1995, the Inter National Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), with a legacy of 28 glorious years, has emerged as the World’s Largest Network of Design Institutes having centres all across India and abroad. INIFD has established and strengthened its global presence with more than six lakh graduates and 25,000 students passing out every year.

Medhavi Skill University has joined hands with INIFD to offer premium programs in the primary design fields of Fashion Design and Interior Design. The list of programs are mentioned under the Heading “Programmes and Specializations Offered”


Program Outcomes

This two-year program in Fashion Design in Chennai has been curated for advance knowledge and valuable experience.

The course is project – led, practical oriented which in return is supported by lectures, workshops, industry visits, live presentations to familiarise the students with the Design and garment industry.

• A basic knowledge and understanding of:

• Design, fashion and garment construction

• World textiles and different kinds of costumes and tradition

• Working of the apparel industry

• An in depth knowledge and understanding of:

• Textiles and fabric including different fabrics to be used and how the fabrics are made

• Creative surface embellishments and 2D and 3D embroidery

• Media, fashion and different forms of fashion communication

• Skills and competence in:

• Garment adaptation and construction techniques

• Fashion rendering

• Technical fashion illustrating

• 2D 3D Surface Embellishments

• Dissertation and craft documentation

• A healthy and professional attitude, so that he/she is able to:


• Plan and organise work to achieve goals.

Apply research principles, methods and techniques to one’s field of professional practice and write professional reports.

Manage complex technical or professional activities or projects, requiring the exercise of full personal responsibility for output of own work as well as for the outputs of the group.

Adapt to the future of work and to the demands of the fast pace of technological developments and innovations that drive employers ‘demands for skills’, particularly with respect to transition towards more technology-assisted work involving the creation of new forms of work and rapidly changing work and production processes.

• Manage work that is complex and unpredictable and requires new strategic approaches.

• Demonstrate ability to develop and lead teams to achieve team goals.

• Adequate life skills to live a productive life, so, he/she must be able to:

• Embrace and practice constitutional, humanistic, ethical, and moral values.

• Analyse and evaluate evidence from a range of sources to generate solutions to complex problems.

• Make judgements in a range of situations by critically reviewing and consolidating evidence.

• Demonstrate entrepreneurial skill and mindset.


• Demonstrate skills necessary to operate in a challenging and changing global environment.

M.Voc Fashion Design Semester Subjects of INIFD Chennai Classes
M.Voc Fashion Design Semester Subjects of INIFD Chennai Classes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in M.Voc Fashion Design

  1. What is M.Voc in Fashion Design and how is it different from other fashion design programs?

M.Voc Fashion Design in Chennai is a specialized postgraduate program that focuses on providing advanced vocational training in the field of fashion design. It differs from other fashion design programs by offering a more industry-oriented and skill-based approach. The program combines theoretical knowledge with extensive practical training, industry internships, and project work to develop students’ proficiency in fashion design and related areas. M.Voc equips students with specialized skills and prepares them for specific roles in the fashion industry.

Important information:

  1. M.Voc in Fashion Design is a specialized postgraduate program.
  2. It offers an industry-oriented and skill-based approach to fashion design.
  3. The program provides extensive practical training, internships, and project work.
  1. What career opportunities are available after completing M.Voc in Fashion Design?

Completing M.Voc in Fashion Design opens up a wide range of career opportunities in the fashion industry. Graduates can work as fashion designers, fashion consultants, fashion merchandisers, fashion stylists, fashion coordinators, or fashion entrepreneurs. They can find employment in fashion houses, design studios, retail brands, fashion consulting firms, or start their own fashion ventures.

Important information:

  1. Career options include fashion designers, fashion consultants, and fashion merchandisers.
  2. Employment opportunities can be found in fashion houses, design studios, and retail brands.
  3. Graduates can also consider starting their own fashion ventures.
  1. What subjects are covered in M.Voc Fashion Design?

M.Voc in Fashion Design covers a wide range of subjects that provide in-depth knowledge and skills in fashion design. Some of the key subjects include advanced fashion illustration, garment construction, draping techniques, fashion marketing, fashion forecasting, textile science, fashion entrepreneurship, and sustainable fashion. These subjects equip students with specialized expertise and prepare them for the challenges of the fashion industry.

Important information:

  1. Key subjects include advanced fashion illustration and garment construction.
  2. Other subjects covered are draping techniques, fashion marketing, and textile science.
  3. The program also emphasizes fashion forecasting, entrepreneurship, and sustainable fashion.
  1. What skills can I develop through M.Voc in Fashion Design?

M.Voc in Fashion Design helps students develop a wide range of advanced skills that are crucial in the fashion industry. These skills include fashion sketching, pattern drafting, draping, sewing, garment construction techniques, trend analysis, fashion marketing, brand management, fashion entrepreneurship, and sustainable design practices. Students also develop skills in project management, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Important information:

  1. Skills developed include fashion sketching, pattern drafting, and garment construction techniques.
  2. Students learn trend analysis, fashion marketing, and brand management.
  3. The program also emphasizes fashion entrepreneurship and sustainable design practices.
  1. Can I pursue higher studies after completing M.Voc in Fashion Design?

Yes, after completing M.Voc in Fashion Design, students have the option to pursue higher studies in fashion or related fields. They can opt for doctoral programs (Ph.D.) in Fashion Design, fashion research programs, or specialized master’s programs in specific areas of fashion, such as fashion management, fashion technology, or sustainable fashion. These higher studies options provide opportunities for further specialization and research in the field of fashion.

Important information:

  1. Higher study options include Ph.D. in Fashion Design and specialized master’s programs.
  2. Students can pursue research programs or specialize in areas like fashion management or sustainable fashion.
  3. Higher studies options offer further specialization and research opportunities.

In conclusion, M.Voc in Fashion Design offers specialized vocational training and prepares students for rewarding careers in the fashion industry. With a focus on industry-oriented training, advanced subjects, and the development of specialized skills, graduates are well-prepared to make their mark in the dynamic world of fashion design.



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