5 ways to create contemporary and modern interior designs – by INIFD Chennai

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Ever wondered about that really amazing restaurant or that house that got featured in a top interior design magazine? How do they do it? Here are a few tips on creating designs that are strikingly modern and contemporary. 

  • Color, color what color do you choose?

A color palette, when used rightly, is the most powerful tool in your arsenal to create any mood, look and feel. It’s vital to understand the mood of each color and what it adds to the overall design. Modern designs are all about class and sophistication with a bit of personality. Upcoming color trends include muted palettes and neutral tones with bold color blocks.

Image Source: Unsplash

  • Perfect Imperfections

Adding a  touch of old to new brings out the best in your designs. From cafes to restaurants, modern work spaces and even homes have started to include rustic touches to the interiors. You can draw your inspiration from natural surroundings in terms of colors, textures and materials. Some things to keep in mind are having open spaces, bringing in organic elements, choosing earthy tones and most importantly keep it light and fresh!

Image Source: Unsplash

  • Play 20 questions

Always remember to ask yourself the holy grail of w’s – why, what, where. 

  • Why do you need a certain piece of furniture or a certain color? 

[Think about need, usage and function]

  • What will help you achieve your desirable outcome?

[Think about textures, materials, elements, colors, lighting etc]

  • Where does this fit into the bigger picture? 

[Think about space, composition and budget]

  • Less is more!

Making a statement is Declutter and opt for simple yet striking designs.  A modern, contemporary interior is all about standing out. Accentuate spaces with a neutral palette and a bold piece that makes a statement!

Image Source: Boca Do Lobo                             Image Source:  Lee Jae Hyo

  • Form Follows Function

Space is all you want. Ironically, space is all you lack! Our solution – Functional Designs,  keeping spaces modern yet comfortable.  A dining table that converts to a study during the day and a storage unit underneath. What more could you ask for? As an interior designer, you have to think multi-dimensionally about space, composition, indoor habits/activities, needs of the user and most importantly – serving the purpose. 

Image Source: Modern Functional Kitchen

Long story short – We at INIFD firmly believe that design is a solution, you just need to pinpoint the right problem areas and create solutions that are stunning! Join us to learn and carve your way into the designer world! 

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Written by – Purthi Punamia

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