Diwali 2017 – Fashion Trends

We all have struggle to find the best ethnic wear for any occasion, let it be Diwali or Weddings. So lets add a style punch to your wardrobe with this new Diwali trends.

Ivory – The perfection of elegance
Elegant, classy and sophisticated you have ever imagined. IVORY is a new trendsetter this Diwali. Ivory gown paired up with long jacket is a “win win” ethnic dress for your Diwali collection.

Ivory 1 Ivory 2 Ivory 3
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Go Banarasi
Banarasi cold shoulder crop top with high midslit lehenga and cigarette pants paired with banarasi heels. If you are looking to buy some great clothes this Diwali go for banarasi look that can never go wrong!

Banarasi 2Banarasi 1
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Floral Print
Embrace your inner beauty with floral print lehenga and gowns this Diwali. Floras are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance. This trend is never out of fashion.

Floral 1
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Bell Blouse with Saree
Rainy season is the best way to flaunt bell sleeves. Go with embroidery and embellishments with your sari and don’t forget to complement your look with traditional earrings.

Bell Sleeves
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Go Classic with Pastels
Pastel gowns are romantic and timeless classics. Let it be any colour you prefer, you are sure to captivate in your wardrobe one of the elegance pastel gown this Diwali.

Pastel 1 Pastel 3
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Mixing Prints
This diwali how about mixing prints because wearing just one print in your outfit is too mainstream.

Mixing Prints 1 images (7) images (6)
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Embrace yourself with new trends this Diwali, let’s fill our home with prayers & lights rather with fumes & crackers.

Have a happy and safe Diwali!

Pratiksha Lunia
– Pratiksha Lunia




Hello Everyone, I’m David Petersen and this is my mini LOVE STORY…

We all love clothes don’t we? Well of course we do! So let’s get started.

We claim to be fashion freaks and blah blah blah… We shop all day and all night, fill our wardrobe with more than it can hold and then wepurge our old clothes.


Why do we even do that?? do we know how much old clothes really mean? I guess not! cause if we did, we wouldn’t be so heartless. It means so much so keep the clothes that made you look good all the previous days and months and years and we don’t even think twice before we get rid of them.

Clothes are valuable! Especially the old ones. OLD IS GOLD. As a matter of fact, think about why we even purchased those clothes in the first place. Take a look at your closet, count the number of pieces of clothing you have. 10 pairs of jeans? 15 shirts? Whatever be the number.. Let’s not throw them all away.

We do not need new clothes, I mean of course we can’t walk around wearing the same stuff every other day but we can use it in a way that makes it feel like it’s just off the rack! Old jeans? Crop it! Baggy shirt? Take it in.. Tank top? Wear it with a skirt, do whatever it is to make it look new and comfortable to stay in.

I’m sure each one reading this has at least one outfit that you would never let go..

Clothes aren’t just clothes.. like they say “Perfume creates memories and leaves a mark” the same logic goes for clothes. There isn’t anything wrong in wearing the same outfit again, if you like it, keep it and if you keep it, wear it!

From my own experience and habits, I am a person who doesn’t like giving away old things, no matter what it is, be it shoes or clothes or even toys, old things somehow tend to latch onto me. I can proudly say that I still have clothes that I purchased 7 years back and yea it fits just fine.. Yayy me!

So my point is why throw away something just because you got something new or because it’s old and no longer in trend, you get out there and bring the trend back. I always disliked the idea of cleaning out my wardrobe, I would get all emotional when I see my old tee getting ripped apart or an old shirt which I loved years ago get thrown away, it really breaks my heart. Yep I am certainly vindictive when it comes to giving old clothes away.


I still remember my first pair of coloured jeans. I got my first pair when the trend seemed to have almost died down and then I finally purchased a pair of Red Jeans and how I was happy about it! I would wear it everywhere, even if it doesn’t match, I wouldn’t care lol! I was so happy with it and the thought of it now makes me feel nostalgic. So think about it, why throw away something that made you so happy a lifetime ago? Love your clothes and your clothes will love you back. And to be completely honest I still have my pair of Red Jeans, of course it has turned a little dull and faded but it’s still my pair of jeans and I wouldn’t trade it for another. So let’s try to shop less and make use of what we already own. Like me I’m sure each one has their own “clothes love story”.


So get to that closet and tell the old clothes you own, that you love them – then wear then – and lastly flaunt them………

Dear Old Clothes,

I will continue to wear you and love you.

Yours faithfully,

The one who bought you off the rack.


– David Petersen

Style Calendar


It all started 3 years back with me coming across INIFD Chennai through a known source. The opportunities that INIFD provided attracted me the most, one of which as the INIFD Calendar Shoot ’17. This opportunity not only gave us a creative platform but also trained us to tackle some difficult situations and excel in our grounds.

It was all about thinking and using things in a different and an unique way. It all started with raw materials like paper cups, tissues, toothpicks, earbuds, aluminium foils, cans etc provided by our mentors Sandeep Sir and Ekta Madam. They trained us vigorously on how we could explore the material and make the best use out of it. Our sessions with them were always filled with creativity and there was an urge to try something new.

My group was provided with materials like tissue, toothpicks and earbuds. We then researched on the properties of our materials and also how we could tweak the theme “Street Style” with the materials provided. There were some obstacles in our trail and research process which we had to overcome to succeed. After a lot of research and trial of samples for months, we came up with our inspiration being “Biomimetic Architecture” with structured and sculptural elements. This led to doodling and designing outfits keeping our material, inspiration and theme in mind. The outfits had to be a blend of pret and avant garde with the maximum usage of our materials.

Our shoot took place in the month of March and the end result was mind-blowing. This was followed up by the calendar launch in the month of April at which the garments and the photography were hugely appreciated. This experience was more about up-cycling and learning something new about materials and methods that we would never think of applying in our garments.

Pic 1

I would like to thank INIFD Chennai for this immensely grateful opportunity that let us explore our strong points and provided us with a creative platform to excel.







– Simran J Khatri

An outfit that has a combination of classy and casual features inspired by the royal colours of gemstones and Japanese street-style fashion put together to create an androgynous look.

The whole look is inspired from a very vast street-style, the Japanese street style fashion. It has the combination of all the subcultures from the street-style and we finally ended up with androgyny, and all of this wasn’t easy to make. Initially we were given 3 material i.e. sponge, straw and rubber. We were asked to explore about them, know their physical and chemical properties, know what they are made up of etc. This helped us to construct the whole embellishment on the garment. As and when we were progressing we learnt a bit more science and used crystallization process on sponge and vacuum holding method in the straws. It was overall a super stressful yet fun experience.

Picture - Model

I thank my mentors Mr. Sandeep and Ms. Ekta for bringing out the best in us. I also extend my thanks to the director Ms. Fareeda Khan, INIFD Chennai and staffs who supported and guided me. Thanks one and all.


– Sonali Jain

KRITYA – Annual Interior Exhibition 2017


KRITYA – Annual Interior Exhibition 2017 conducted by INIFD Chennai was a grand success!

It was an institute level competition in which all the Under Graduate and Post Graduate level students of Interior Design participated. There were many categories under which a student could exhibit their talent – arts & crafts, matchstick models, trophy design, product design, sunshine pavilion design, light design and logo design for FIDA the design school.

The event was announced in December 2016 and was organized on 4th March 2017. The exhibition destination (INIFD Chennai Campus) space was also asked to design by the students and the mentors encouraged and actively collaborated with us.


I was very much exited to exhibit my talents in the exhibition, and so was my fellow mates! We were all asked to work in random pairs of twos. The excitement was never ending. Our mentors Mr. Rajiv Gomes & Ms. Sukanya were always supportive and encouraging, without their efforts and collaboration this event wouldn’t have been possible.


I participated in the following categories – trophy design, sunshine pavilion, product design and light design. Secured first places in trophy design & sunshine pavilion and second in product design. I express my gratitude towards INIFD Chennai and its Director – Mrs. Fareeda Khan for the opportunity to shine out my talents. Special thanks to the mentors, the staff and my fellow mates.


– Manasi Shah

KRITYA – Annual Interior Exhibition 2017 is one of the best example of learning with fun and exuberance.  I had one of the best times, being a part of this showcase.  The best part about this exhibition was that I got a chance to execute my creative ideas and find out i’s practicality.  I got a chance to get down and get my hands dirty and make this whole process even more unique and etched in my mind forever.  The whole process taught me a lot of minor details about our subjects and gave me a chance to talk to the people in the field.  I got a chance to interact with people in the industry and get their perspective on my ideas and display.  I also got to interact with our seniors and juniors making this whole experience even more interesting.


I am grateful to INIFD Chennai that I got such a great opportunity to display my talents and capabilities.  KRITYA has been nothing but a bundle of learning.  It gave me an opportunity to bring my ideas in the practical world and make it a success, with little tweaks here and there.  Under constant guidance of our faculty, I was able to put a good showcase for everybody.  The whole process has made me more confident about my capabilities and talents.  I hope we keep getting such opportunities to display my talents.





– Vridhi Rathi

Sustainable Fashion


Sustainable Fashion, also called as slow fashion or eco fashion, is a growing trend in the fields of designs to curb the devastating effect of fast fashion on environment. A movement started initially to look out for ways to go organic in production of textile fibers now also covers recycle, reuse, up cycle, reduction of waste generation and promotion of trends that last longer.


Sustainable fashion movement or eco fashion movement was hence designed to keep a check on effects of apparel / fashion industry on the environment. As of 2016, a number of start-up have been recognized for their effort in making fashion eco friendly. Methods to renew, reuse, up-use and recycle have become the commonly taken detours from the mainstream fashion to protect our environment. As a user, you can take these steps towards sustainable fashion:

• Purchase locally Manufactured apparel
• Opt for organic fabric, which are made with minimum or no chemical usage ( pesticides and bleaching chemicals)
• Purchase fashion which would last for a longer period of time 9classic styles)
• Purchase high quality products, this would reduce the turnover of your wardrobe
• Use minimum Chemicals in cleansing and washing of products
• Recycle and reuse old apparel
• Opt for locally grown and manufactured fabrics

Sustainable fashion is a step towards; reducing landfill (those related to fashion or apparel), reduction of chemicals used while production and moving towards more natural and organically grown fibers. It’s delight to see that brands like Marks and Spencer’s have made their acknowledgement towards sustainable fashion and have designed products that could be disintegrated and reused.

Up and coming brand LA Vie en orange designs playful undies from recycled T-shirts. This reduces the carbon footprint leave the earth and their customers content over their contribution towards a better world.

Designers like Stella McCartney and Lucy Tammam are working toward producing sustainable Sunglasses having discovered their passion through Sideroot, their startup with social concern.

Sustainable Fashion aims towards trendy apparels which would not have a harsh effect on environment. Let’s start utilizing organic and eco friendly apparels and accessories and give back to our planet a little bit at a time.

– Aamira Maryam


Black Cabs, Red Buses, Grey Skies. Welcome to London!

London is a city in flux. You can almost feel the creativity humming as people from all over the globe mix to create an atmosphere unlike any other. Dive in to see!

From the hunt of Antiques & trinkets at Portbello Road to the treasure hunt at Camden Lock Market everything is enough to fill your market mania.

Fancy Some firecrackers? Make sure you’re in town around the 31st of December for the New Year. The dark Autumn sky is punctuated by the sharp Pop of Firecrackers culminating in one big annual blow-out at the London Eye.

The routes of Oxford and Cambridge became a routine where I admired the Window Display.

Some of the places we visited were Tiger Tiger and Zoo Bar where there is mix of great music, buzzing crowd of great locals all perfect to make a great night.

The best time to visit London is Summer not Winter, like what we did.

INIFD who believes that fashion cannot be taught through books gave me the opportunity to visit London for a month.

Sunny Sir (Mr Sunny Somra), I have no words for him. The way he cared for us, made us feel at home, provided us with all the facilities and also guided us through the streets of London. He was like a back bone to us.

They made us realize that Fashion is to be experienced practically.
It was a privilege to work with Mentors and teachers like Joe Sir (Mr Joseph Toronka), Lauren Ma’am Yasmeen Ma’am & Hashpreet Ma’am to make us understand the relationship between Fashion and Styling.

Their unyielding support and approachable mannerism made me feel that “I am in exactly the right place”. They made me work and want to do better than before every time. They were not just Teachers but Advisories and Friends.

The INIFD London House became like home for one month. I just cant forget the positive vibes i would get when i entered the Deck Room, My Favourite spot in the house. The chill breeze with light drizzles brought into the house the soothing smell of Autumn leaves and some calm music playing in the background of the main Hall Room, a perfect atmosphere to enjoy small conversations and parties too! We left behind memories in the Kitchen too where we could cook ourselves small meals at odd hours.

I thank INIFD in every possible way for the Joy that’s added in my life!




What to wear on your first day in college

After a long summer vacation it’s time to get back to college life and most of us do get excited doing that. Be it the first year or our last we tend to enjoy these years to the fullest. And while doing that why don’t we dress the part?
I’m bringing to you a few ways you can make your college year a bit more interesting and make heads turn your way:

The sports chic: It’s all about casuals and comfortable clothing this year and sports chic is one of them. White sneakers, a baseball shirt is all you need. Pair it up with skirts or boyfriend jeans and you’re good to go. Keep it simple yet trendy.
Sexy Pastels: Pastels are the talk of the season and when you pair it up with bold colors you can make an amazing fit. Go just the pastel way or color block it, either way it works wonders.
Simply White: You can never go wrong with white, especially in college. Wear it with a pair of blue simple denims or a printed bold skirt it works all ways.
Printed fantasy: Prints are another thing to watch out for this season. You can pair up two prints or more, or keep it just to one. They will do all the talking.







Fashion meets architecture

Coco Chanel said it first – Fashion is architecture; it’s a matter of proportions. Designers are inspired by their context, so it is no surprise that the built environment finds its way into fashion. And this has been going on for a very long time and is not a new concept. Fashion has a way to get inspired by various things and Architecture is one of them. And in the same way architecture uses fashion as an inspiration to create something unique. After all, the rules of architecture and fashion are almost similar.
Like architecture, fashion is an art dealing with structure and shape, one that relates to the form and function of the human body. Oftentimes the introduction of a small element, such as a zipper or a doorknob, can completely alter the perception of a work. In the end, image is in the details.
Many fashion designers use architecture as their inspiration and you can see that by the images given below.








HOW to land your dream job in fashion

For years fashion was just related to design and many never tried to do anything new in the field, but now there are a lot of opportunities when it comes to the field of fashion. From being a fashion blogger, fashion buyer, visual merchandiser, stylist, costume designer, sales manager and what not, this industry keeps expanding by the day and gives us more and more opportunities to work with. So we have come up with a few pointers on how to land your dream job when it comes to fashion.
Read on for our top 10 tips on finding and landing your fashion dream job!
1. Educate Yourself
There are so many different aspects of the fashion world–from publishing to production to public relations to prop styling–you really need to investigate the possibilities. Are you crazy about the displays in Zara windows and the way products are showcased in the store? Maybe you should be a visual merchandiser. Always had a passion for drawing, especially clothes? Perhaps fashion illustration is for you. Is there a section of a fashion magazine that you really adore, say the pop culture section up front or maybe the fashion spreads? Figure out which editor is responsible for that section, and go after similar jobs. In short: research, research, research!
2. Come Up With Your Target List
Once you have a sense of what area you’d like to work in, think about the companies or individuals who really inspire you and make you excited about fashion–that’s who you should be going after. We always know when a potential employee is truly a fan of our company, and that passion makes a huge difference. For example, if you’ve collected every single issue of a magazine since it debuted and know each section inside and out, maybe that’s a publication you should try to work for. Or perhaps you think a t-shirt line is simply impeccable in everything they do–from the advertising to the branding to the fact that the shirt’s label is a tiny chain instead of a typical tag–that’s the sort of company you should look into.
3. Create A Thoughtful Resume and Cover Letter
Your cover letter and resume are the first impression your prospective employer gets, so you really need to customize it and make it flawless. If you’re looking for an internship and don’t have a great deal of experience, the cover letter is even more important. To really impress, include specific examples as to why you love the company and how you’d be a great addition to the team.
4. Intern
We cannot stress this enough: you have to intern. In addition to getting actual work experience in your given field–which is priceless–you also get the chance to check out the company culture. You will also make contacts, both with fellow interns and your bosses, who can help you for the rest of your career. We go out of our way for our exceptional interns and do anything we can to help them get jobs.
5. Go Above & Beyond
Just getting your dream internship isn’t enough–you have to go above and beyond every day. Be the first one in and the last one out. Volunteer for any job, not just the more desirable ones. Take the initiative, and do things before you’re asked. And remember: if you can’t excel at the smaller or more tedious tasks–like making copies or getting coffee–you’ll never get the bigger projects. Remember: you won’t be doing this forever and you’re learning how to be truly resourceful and thorough, two key skills that any employer will see as an asset.
6. Look The Part
Before you even open your mouth, your interview outfit is communicating things to your potential future boss, so make sure you know what your look is saying. When in doubt, we always say to err on the conservative side, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit. Your goal should be to look polished, professional, and totally pulled together, and also show some of your personality.
7. Ace Your Interview
This seems like a no-brainer, but it bears repeating: do your homework. Research the person you’re interviewing with and make sure you know not only what they do, but also their recent projects and the company’s history. Being able to demonstrate your familiarity with the company is a sign of respect and enthusiasm. Also, be punctual. Things will not go well if you start off on a tardy note.
8. Showcase Your Point Of View
Even if you don’t have a great deal of experience in fashion, you can still show your taste level through a blog or smartly curated Pinterest boards.Think of it as an addendum to your resume and one more way you can potentially impress your interviewer. People in fashion are always interested in well-executed visuals, so it’s really just offering one more way to stand out from the crowd.
9. Send An Old-School Thank You
In this fast-paced world, emailing your interviewer to say thank you might seem fine–and for some people, it is–but nothing beats a handwritten note. The key is to make sure you put it in the mail on the same day you go in for your interview. Promptness is everything

Convocation 2016- A day to remember

From celebrities to Fashion and interior designers a place where we saw all of them together, 10th April 2016 is a day all INIFD’ians will remember. Inifd Chennai decided to host their student convocation in a grand way celebration the success of students and Launching the INIFD London online program. We saw the upcoming and gorgeous actress Waluscha De’Sousa from the movie fan and Ashley Rebello who is the stylist for Salman Khan and has even styled many other names.
Not only were the students felicitated on that day, but we made sure that they had a ball. From singers who made us groove on amazing songs to students who danced the night away, there wasn’t a dull moment we saw.
Along with all of this INIFD was proud to announce the collaboration with IIID a course which will be available for interior designers or aspiring ones in INIFD Chennai and Bangalore along with 8 other centers.
The president of INIFD Ms. Aditi Srivastava gave us an insight of what INIFD is capable of which was inspiring for all of us.
All in all it was day filled with fun, laugher and a lot of dancing.
12966037_10205566489553714_1309425593_n - Copy













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